Assembly & Installation

The larger fixed panel was roughly aligned with the opening and laid down on doubled 2-bys covered with movers blankets.

The fixed panel had been shipped with the jamb still attached, so the next step was to add the other jamb and attach the sill to the jambs through the bottom using screws provided by Zola.

The 300-pound active panel was lowered straight down over the frame.

After the frame was shimmed flat, five men lifted it into position.

Two men inside and five outside lifted the door and stood it on wood blocks in front of the opening.

It took a lot of lifting and sliding to get the door partly into the opening.

A couple of angle irons fastened back-to-back on each jamb, inside and out, served as handles for inching the door into the opening.

Drywall was hung after the perimeter of the door was sealed with low-expanding foam.

The new brick was painted to match the existing brick.

Benjamin Moore's color app was used to match the paint color of the existing brick.

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