Baseboard Heat Covers

The covers for the hydronic heat in this studio were fabricated and installed in less than five hours.

A chalk line snapped across the floor keeps the base blocks in a straight line.

Top and bottom beveled strips set the support brackets at the proper layout, while covering the floor/wall gap and providing a support cleat for the top board.

Base blocks are cut for a symetrical corner, and the next base block is spaced to match the adjacent wall.

The face boards begin with a glued and screwed corner. Note that at this point they have been predrilled for pocket screws.

A long driver bit allows face boards to be screwed to the base blocks from behind.

A glued butt joint joins the lengths of face board. Screws attach the end of the board to a backer block.

The top blocks align with the base blocks via a square. Glue holds the blocks in place on the face boards until they can be screwed.

Top blocks are predrilled for screws. Once the glue has set slightly, screws provide the final attachment for the blocks.

The top board screws to the top blocks and to the T-brackets while maintaining the proper overhang.

A thin strip of wood covers the gap between the top board and the uneven surface of the barn wall.

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