Bench Seating for a Deck on Grade

Plumbing the Seat Posts

Carpenter Eric Roberts, of Archadeck of Suburban Boston, plumbs and levels the bench supports for a deck on grade.

Attaching a Post

Roberts secures the post to the deck frame with FastenMaster ThruLOK structural fasteners.

Positive Connection

Roberts attaches the engineered washer and LOK-nut for the ThruLOK post connector.

Measuring and Marking

After cladding the seat posts with Fiberon trim, Roberts lays a preservative-treated 2x4 in place against the post and scribes it out as he begins to frame the bench seat.

Layout for the Bench Seat Ladder

Roberts transfers his layout marking to the opposite matching piece for his bench seat frame.

Building the Seat

Roberts nails together the frame for the bench seat.

Placing the Bench Frame

Roberts sets the bench frame in place on the support posts.

Trimming the Bench

Roberts clads the bench frame with Fiberon material.

Bench in Progress

Another view of the bench seat on its posts, with the synthetic Fiberon cladding mostly applied.

Fitting a Joint

Roberts fits and fine-tunes a finish joint on the side of the bench seat.

Screw Attachment

Roberts attaches trim to the bench using stainless-steel screws.

Tight Fit

In the tight space between the new bench and the existing house, Roberts uses a right-angle driver extension to drive a screw as he attaches synthetic Fiberon cladding to the bench frame.

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