Block Foundations for Small Additions 2

Blockwork starts at the corners, with the blocks laid in a full bed of mortar. Strings stretched between the corner blocks keep the courses straight. Every other course is reinforced with galvanized metal truss.

Parging fills the pores of the block, making them more water-resistant.

A coat of cold asphalt supplies another layer of protection against moisture.

A 4-inch bed of stone.

Followed by a poly vapor retarder and a thin slab will help keep the new crawlspace dry.

Providing an access opening into the existing crawlspace completes the foundation.

Switching from 12-inch to 8-inch block for the top course creates a ledge for the floor joists.

Which rest on a flashed PT sill. Full-depth blocking between the joists takes the place of a rim joist.

The finished deck, ready for framing.

Though only 6 feet wide, the finished bump-out accommodates an elegant, functional kitchen.

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