Bona Mega Satin Review - Pecan Floor

We install hardwood floors shortly after sheet rock is completed.

We condition the house post-floor install to keep the moisture content of the wood consistent. RH of the house should be maintained under 60%. I use portable AC's in the summer along with Dehumidifiers to keep the RH below 60%.

Bona Mega is about 30% less costly than Bona Traffic and is easier to work with because it's a one part poly (no mixing).

One coat of Bona Mega and this Pecan floor is looking fantastic. I like the Satin finish, not too shiny, not too matte/dull.

Hard to capture on camera the gloss level of Satin. It's my favorite finish. Notice the floors are finished before cabinet install.

And here's the finished floor ready for move-in. This picture represents the satin sheen well.

Notice the white base landing on the floor with no shoe moldings.

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