Breakfast On Another Level

... And an egg.

A grilled English muffin, layered with organic baby spinach, shaved red onion, sliced chorizo sausage, supremely caramelized sweet vidalias, peppered backyard farms tomato and three alarm hot pepper colby jack cheese melted on a over medium egg.

Be polite.

"A classic turkey (or ham) club, 1.5 English muffins, grilled egg, organic spinach, tomato and shaved red onion, with your choice of cheese (I suggest hot pepper colby jack or fontina, I could even be convinced to use some gruyère from the croissant sandwich if you ask nicely!)"

Old enough to smoke (and shave).

Applewood smoked ham, arugula, peppered tomato, shaved red onion and fontina cheese

On the side.

Sweet potato hash is steaming!

The unknown sandwich.

No comment.

I did that on purpose.

Shaved cucumber, organic baby spinach, shaved red onion, four slices of grilled Canadian bacon, over medium fried egg topped with Ballyshannon Irish cheddar cheese and #beastfeastmaine#gourmethotsauce on an upside down everything bagel.


A mouthful of moral relativity.

A slider sideways.

The gruyere crab cake croissant.

Tonight we're setting the woods on fire.

Pulled pork and blackened catfish tacos.

This may take a while.

We started with slow, oven roasted pulled pork, served on organic baby spinach, hidden beneath a locally grown farm egg covered in melted semisoft sheeps milk cheese, topped with homemade lemon sriracha aioli.


Well, hey. Everybody needs a day off.

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