Builders Blitz '13

The framing crew places a wall that they'd built and then had trucked in for the Blitz

Many tasks are handled at once during the Blitz. Here the walls get foam insulation and the ceiling is prepared as the roof sheathing goes on.

Required to put in hundreds of hours of labor, the soon-to-be owner pitches in to seal the foam insulation in the stud bays.

The siding contrator finishes shingling the gable above a decorative shingle version of the international H4H logo that the homeowner had prepared beforehand.

At the beginning of Day 3, there were 39 trucks at the jobsite. Here 4 different cutting stations are set up in the backyard.

The landscapers unload potted trees that had been donated. By weeks end, the backyard had been sodded, and the brick-paver walk led visitors up to the front door.

Behing the scenes, volunteers prepare dinner for all the workers at the jobsite: Fuel for the Blitzers!

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