Building a Freestanding Deck, Images 1-12

ThruLok screw bolts provide a quick way to assemble built-up girders.

ThruLok screw bolts self-tap, like many wood screws.

ThruLok screw bolts are secured on the back with a wing nut.

Bracing Details: The author installs diagonal braces at the column-beam connections on freestanding decks to prevent the structure from racking side-to-side parallel to the house or laterally away from the house.

Bracing Details: 2x6 V-bracing under the deck joists stiffens the deck in the horizontal plane.

Instead of concrete tube forms, the author uses helical screw piers from TechnoMetal Post.

The screw piers can be installed with a small gas-powered machine and barely disturb the landscape.

The piers are capped with a metal post bracket.

Four HeadLok screws secure the post

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