Building with Log Posts, Images 10-16

A propane torch heats torch-down roof membrane, used to prevent water from wicking up the log and causing rot. Once heated, the membrane is adhered to the bottom of the log post and trimmed to fit exactly.

A torpedo level and a layout square are used to guide the drilling of holes for the anchor bolts.

Placing the post is a two-person operation.

With the posts up and braced plumb, a string is used to establish the line of the beam. A carpenter uses a level to lay out the side cuts for the beam pocket.

The carpenter makes the cutout with a chain saw, working off staging for stability.

After the pockets for the beams are cut, the tops of the posts are beveled so that they shed water.

The author treats the wood with a borate preservative before placing the beams in their pockets. Note the torch-down roofing membrane applied to the beam and post tops in the background.

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