Built-Out Trim for Exterior Foam, Images 1-10

Exterior remodel nears completion

The author cut each sill flush with the sheathing.

The tongues on the jambs were planed down.

The author ripped kerfs in the sills to accept a custom-bent aluminum flashing.

The aluminum flashings are bedded in sealant and overlap the new layer of 1-inch-thick rigid XPS foam used to wrap the house.

The author insulated around the jambs and in the sashweight pockets with a combination of rigid and spray foam.

The jambs are flashed to the sheathing with self-adhering flashing tape.

To help make a continuous air barrier, the rigid foam was glued to the flashing tape at the jambs.

The rigid foam was glued to itself at the butt joints.

The long horizontal tongue-and-groove joints in the rigid foam were left unglued to provide for thermal expansion, but all the joints were taped, and the foam was also taped to the flashings.

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