Built-Out Trim for Exterior Foam, Images 11-17

Sealant was applied to both the jambs and the foam before the preassembled PVC casings were fastened in place.

The casings were fastened with Cortex and stainless steel trim-head screws.

The metal drip caps were bedded in sealant, then sealed to the foam with flashing tape.

To allow for water and air movement between the shingles and the foam, the shingles were installed over Home Slicker, a 1/4-inch-thick nylon mesh.

Screening over windows and at other terminations is needed to keep insects out.

When painted, the new windows look nearly identical to the originals.

The retrofitted rigid foam serves as an air and water barrier. It's sealed with continuous beads of sealant to both the self-adhering flashing around the existing windows and the new PVC casings. At the sill, any water that manages to penetrate the casing is directed out over the foam and into the Home Slicker drainage matrix by a custom metal flashing.

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