Cold-Weather Tool Care

A homemade grille keeps tools far enough above the heater to ensure that they won’t be overheated while they’re being defrosted.

The author puts Kilfrost, a synthetic de-icer and lubricant, into an oiler at the end of a hose that will connect to a gun.

A magnetic oil-pan heater prevents the oil in a compressor from becoming so viscous the machine can’t start.

The author uses 1/2-inch rubber hose for main runs and branches off to individual tools with 3/8-inch polyurethane lines. He avoids using 1/4-inch hose because it’s easily clogged by frost.

The Qwik-Lok fitting on the female end of this extension cord connects to the male end of the tool plug, eliminating the need to knot cords together.

When the weather is cold, the author stores caulks and sealants in an old metal cooler heated by a light bulb. A rack keeps the tubes off the bulb.

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