Cold Weather Walls: Theory and Practice

Research by the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) has validated the lessons of experience of many conctractors in the field, and has helped to modernize standards for the industry.

CFA Test Walls

Contractor members of the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) get data from a set of test walls poured in cold weather using different mix designs. The CFA research produced a recipe book of mix designs and documented their strength gain over time at cold temperatures.

Core Samples

Test wall sections from the Concrete Foundation Association research study. By testing core samples from the walls at regular intervals, the team was able to establish a clear correlation between the observed time and temperature curves and the strength development of the curing concrete. Contractors can now use these verified maturity curves to guide their decisions in the field, as long as they monitor the temperature in their walls after placement.

Walls in the Real World

A Purinton Builders crew pours a concrete foundation on a winter day in Connecticut. Concrete Foundation Association research provided scientific verification for successful methods already practiced by some experienced contractors in cold climates.

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