Collecting Real Data from an Unvented Superinsulated Roof

Instrumenting the Roof

Chris Miksic installs a PowerWise moisture sensor probe in the upper layers of an unvented flat roof for a Passive House building in rural Vermont.

Inserting a Moisture Sensor

Chris Miksic inserts a moisture sensor in the Homasote fiberboard underlayment for a mambrane roof installed over an unvented flat roof framed with wood I-joists and insulated with dense-blown cellulose in rural Vermont.

Moisture Probe Close-Up

A closeup view of the moisture sensor installed in the Homasote sheathing for an unvented flat roof in rural Vermont.

Probes in the Roof Frame Cavities

Builder Chris Miksic installs moisture probes in the wood I-joist roof framing for an unvented flat roof. This cavity would later be insulated with dense-blown cellulose.

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