Combine 2 Condos

New wood strip flooring running diagonally through the passageway helps tie the two condo units together. The automatic fire doors maintain the integrity of the fire wall, but for daily use the owners rely on a pair of standard French doors hung on the other side of the opening.

A custom-fabricated steel girder was required for the new opening in the double 2x4 fire wall separating the two condos.

Pairs of steel cripples welded between steel channels support the fire wall's two top plates and the roof trusses overhead.

Two 4x4 steel columns bolted to brackets welded to the girder above provide support.

The columns bear on the floor trusses, which are reinforced with squash blocks.

Fire doors can be ordered with automatic neoprene door bottoms, which seal against the floor when a plunger on the door’s edge comes in contact with the jamb.

To function properly, the door bottoms need a flat threshold, so the author’s crew tacked strips of wood to the subfloor and filled the area with selfleveling underlayment.

A closing coordinator mounted below the stop on the head jamb manages the two doors' closing sequence. The lever for the active, astragal-equipped door is mounted close to the side jamb (A); it holds the active door open until the passive door closes and activates a trigger mechanism located toward the center of the head jamb (B).

This releases the lever holding the active door open, allowing it to close.

Adjustable flush bolts at the top and bottom of the passive door are activated by a lever mechanism in the edge of the door.

The bolts engage when the active door closes and depresses the lever mechanism, then retract when the active door is opened again.

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