Contemporary Bath, Images 1-7

A stepped footprint makes the most of space left by a property easement.

Before the bathroom addition

After the bathroom addition

Tucked into a corner of the master bedroom, the original master bath was uncomfortably cramped at 36 square feet — even with extra space from a shallow bumpout. The author replaced the bumpout with a 115-square-foot addition that, to avoid encroaching on a drainage easement, has a stepped footprint. A large new walk-in closet occupies space left from the old bathroom and a tiny closet.

Both the stepped stem wall for the new addition and the old bumpout are visible.

The author's crew framed the addition walls with engineered studs — which are straighter than sawn studs — to speed wall tile installation.

Double-wall framing behind the toilet allowed the waste pipe to be moved out from the foundation wall and made room for extra insulation.

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