Cornice Returns, Production Style

Blending this three-story addition with the existing home involved matching the cornice returns of the original structure.

The masons who laid up the brick veneer left us with pairs of protruding anchor bolts.

The process started with full-scale layout scribed right in place, using mockups made from the trim materials.

Solid blocks bolted into place provided attachment for the built-out boxes, which we beveled to match the 8/12 pitch.

We shimmed as needed, using a straightedge to make sure the surfaces were in plane.

We capped the returns with sheathing.

We covered the OSB caps with peel-and-stick membrane. We would install the reglet flashings later.

Next, we preassembled as many of the trim parts as possible on the ground, including the fascia — shownglued and clamped with Collins miter clamps. . . .

. . . and the fluted soffits, which we mitered, glued, and screwed together at the outside corners.

Preassembly reduced trips up and down the ladder. . . .

. . . and cut down installation time.

We left the finished cornices ready for the painters.

A finished and painted cornice.

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