Craftsman-Style Trim: Installing

I centered the entablature above the opening and tacked it to the wall.

I traced a line across the top of the plinth block on each side of the doors, and measured down from the head casing to the plinth-block line.

I cut the casing to fit a little snug and mortised the bottom of the casing and the top of the plinth block for two Festool Dominoes.

Some of the windowsills needed to be scribed to fit where they lapped over the casing.

The sills were too wide to secure with nails, so I predrilled clearance holes, screwed in place, and plugged the holes

For the doorway between the dining and living rooms, I milled the stain-grade crown molding on my Woodmaster Planer/molder so that it would match the standard WindsorOne profile that I’d used throughout the house.

I assembled the entablature, using fasteners judiciously.

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