Day One

Before the fiberglass installation starts, a layer of 1/2-inc AC plywood is glued and nailed to the subfloor.

A triangular filled strip helps to ease the transition from horizontal surfaces to vertical, making it easier for the fiberglass cloth to turn the corner.

Roll flashing is installed on both sides of the top of the parapet walls. These will be integrated the fiberglass cloth and will help with water management.

Using a disc grinder equipped with a sanding disc, fiberglass installer smooths out any rough edges that might keep the fiberglass from adhering.

The installer covers the nail heads and plywood seams with a two-part filler.

When the prep work is done the installer hot-coats all the surfaces starting with the tops of the parapet walls.

Next the installer applies a coat of resin on both sides of the fillet. When that is finished the field is hot-coated and left to cure.

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