Dry Deck Over Living Space, Images 1-10

A multilayer cementitious coating provides a walkable waterproof surface with a Class A fire rating.

The first piece is installed in the opening and nailed to the trimmers.

A second piece laps onto the first near the center of the opening. The lap won’t leak, because it contains beads of sealant.

To avoid penetrations through the bottom of the pan, the crew uses a sprung board to clamp it in place until the sealant below it cures.

L-shaped flashings are installed at the transition between deck and wall. A slit in the bottom leg of this piece allows it to be folded into the corner.

All laps are sealed with double beads of polyurethane caulk.

The flanges are nailed to the deck and wall. When the building paper is installed, it will lap the flashing shingle-style.

Since the deck slopes to the exterior, the gravel stop is installed from low to high so that the pieces lap shingle-style.

Where the deck meets the wall of the building, the gravel stop butts the L-shaped flashing and laps the Z-flashing below.

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