Drywall Upgrades, Arches

The author shares his tricks and techniques for hanging drywall with special appeal.

As I cut the drywall to the shape of the arch, I bevel the edge to accommodate the profile of the bullnose bead.

Scraps of 2x4 blocking are screwed to the drywall act as backing.

A strip of drywall is used to finish the arch.

A good fit at the miters is important, so I use a jig to hold the flexible bead in position when cutting it with a miter saw.

To help position the bead, I mark the location of the edge of one leg of the bead on the drywall.

I fit the top arch beads first, fastening them in place with Trim-Tex 847 contact spray adhesive.

The beads are also fastened with 1/2-inch Duo-Fast staples.

The vertical beads can be a little short, so I fit them last and make small adjustments with the miter for a good fit.

To finish the arch, I use regular drying-type joint compound.

I fill in the slots in the bead with a hand tool shipped with the stepped bullnose profile.

I used 16 feet of Trim-Tex 3/4-inch radius Step A Bull arch bead and 32 feet of 3/4-inch radius Step A Bull bead to build the arch shown here.

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