Drywall Upgrades, Tray Ceilings

I install 2x2 furring screwed through the drywall into the framing and fasten scrap drywall to the furring.

To match the milled look of the previously installed archways, for example, I used Trim-Tex's 11/2-inch Step A bullnose bead, which has a 3/4-inch radius and 3/16-inch-deep steps on either side of the bullnose.

For a more contemporary look, a good option is Trim-Tex's simple beveled tray bead, which also requires a 2 1/2-inch-deep soffit.

Before fastening the bead in place with staples, I spray adhesive along the mud legs of the bead.

After the bead is installed, I give the tray a typical mud-and-tape three-coat drywall finish.

Finishing with mud

In this room, I also applied a Venetian plaster finish to the ceiling, another drywall upgrade I offer.

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