Easy, Low-Cost, Drainable Strapping for Rainscreen Siding

Project Manager Stephen Daly with a strip of corrugated plastic channel ripped for drainable strapping.

Strips of corrugated drainable plastic strapping ready for use.

Sealing Z-flashing to the bottom of the ZIP wall system using ZIP tape.

Project managers Laura Boyle and Stephen Daly set courses of corrugated drainable strapping using a vertical spacer as a gauge.

Easy to work with, the corrugated plastic strapping cuts easily with a utility knife.

Project Managers Laura Boyle and Evan Smith plumb up and nail the first piece of shiplap board siding.

Evan Smith nails siding to the wall using an inexpensive site-made nail placement jig: a plastic Speed Square drilled out to accept the rubber nose of a Bostitch coil nailer.

The corrugated board strips provide easy drainage, and perhaps more important, easy airflow behind the wood siding. On the other hand, Project Manager Evan Smith is a little concerned about the places where nail heads have punched through the waterproof skin of the ZIP sheathing on the wall. “We set the nails flush when we installed the sheathing,” he says, “but then it rained and the boards swelled up, and the nail heads punched through. Each hole is a place for water to collect.” The crew has been taping over the nail holes, Smith says. But he says that on the next build, he may switch back to conventional OSB sheathing and housewrap.

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