Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels - Images 11-15

Prerouted grooves at panel edges receive 1/2-inch plywood splines, which the crew then staples at 4 inches on-center to stitch the panels together.

At the perimeter, carpenters install full-height LVL rim joists, using 2.5-inch pneumatic nails. The LVL perimeter members are overkill in structural terms, but sawn lumber would shrink away from the panels and compromise the integrity of the joints.

Where the plans call for a stepped-down entryway floor, a 6-inch panel is used to create the lower level. Here, the crew attaches an LVL ledger to the side of the main beam to catch the edges of the thinner panel.

The 12-inch floor panel was a tight fit and required some persuasion from a come-along.

The 6-inch entryway panel slides easily into place with no argument.

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