First Time Using R-Sheathing

We decided to set the foam sill seal and PT 2x6 mudsills back 1 1/2 inches off the edge of the concrete

We framed "California" corners instead of adding an extra stud nailer.

We used 1 1/2- by 1 1/2-inch PT spacers as stand-offs to help put up the panels.

A full sheet is fairly light, but it's a two-man job install (4), especially at the outside corners where the panels lap each other.

We took time to square them up properly.

In a few places, we installed panels horizontally to save material; this meant adding horizontal blocking for edge fasteners.

We hammered flush any nails standing proud in the field, but avoided this at the edges where hammering can compress the foam.

For the windows, we set up a mobile cutting station to cut tape for the head, jamb flashing, and the four-piece pan.

We started at the pan flashing, using Zip System's corner/valley tool.

This left 2 inches overhanging the sheathing, which we stretched ...

... and pressed onto the panel face.

Burnish the tape with the corner/valley tool, including the 2-inch vertical legs, then peel back the other half and adhere it to the sill and trimmer.

Roll the entire pan using the Zip System J-roller.

With the windows in place, we applied a strip of tape at each jamb, running it about 3 inches above and below the window frame.

Lastly, we applied the head flashing and rolled everything with the J-roller.

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