Fluid Applied Weather Barrier Testing

17 different WRB’s being tested for durability & exposure

The simulated window flange on the Tar paper sample is looking terrible.

The tar paper is not faring well after a long exposure. I don’t see this as a viable option for a high exposure building.

StoGuard sample board

Ouch. StoGuard looking terrible

Not a good showing for StoGuard

Next on the naughty list is Prosoco’s Cat 5. It’s not peeling, but the mottled coloring and crazing of the surface looks like a failure is eminent.

There were several others that were faring quite well. I’ve started to use Polyguard’s Alum-A-Flash peel & stick and it looked really good after 2 years in the sun.

I like Polyguard’s Alum-A-Flash because the aluminum face has basically unlimited UV resistance. The manufacturer says to cover in 1 year but this sample looks great after 2 years in the sun.

Alum-A-Flash details look perfect still. I must say the installer did these with precision.

Fluid Applied Tyvek is faring well so far.

Grace VPO Fluid Applied Looks good after 2 years exposure

Tremco ExoAir 230 looks very good.

Brick Tie with Tremco detailing

Tremco ExoAir 230 is a very strong competitor in the Fluid Applied race for #1

Carlisle Fluid Applied WRB looking good.

Huber Zip System is being used alot in Texas and I must say that I’ve been skeptical of their tape dependent system. However, the testing at the Durability Lab is showing the Zip tape to be really good. After 2 years of exposure the Zip System looks great. Nothing on the tape looks like it has any failures whatsoever. Very impressive.

The Tyvek Homewrap sample is looking pretty faded by the sun after this long exposure, but the butyl based tapes look like they are still stuck well. This test shows why I like the longer exposure rating of Commercial Tyvek. Otherwise, it’s not faring too badly.

Cosella Dorkin’s Delta Vent SA is looking good. All the tapes are stuck well and the whole assembly looks like it’s taking the Texas sun just fine except for a slight wrinkle in the middle of the sample.

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