Framing Roof Overhangs (Gable End)

Steve pumps the staging up to a higher level.

Todd chains the plank to the pump jack.

Steve and Caleb attach a safety net clip to the upper staging plank.

Deploying the safety net.

Placing a clip for the safety net.

A closer look at the safety net clip.

Fastening the safety net clip to the staging plank.

Todd places blocking at the roof peak, using a six-foot level to keep the block in plane with the I-joist rafters.

Screwing the roof peak blocking into place.

Another view of the roof peak blocking.

Todd and Caleb drape vapor-open, air-tight and waterproof Mento Plus fabric over the roof-to-wall intersection.

Todd installs a nailer over the Mento Plus fabric, nailing into the face of the I-joist build-out on the wall.

While Todd and Caleb install the fabric, Steve assembles an outrigger on the ground.

Steve hauls the outrigger up to the workers on the staging.

Installing a nailer on the opposite side of the roof. The first outrigger has already been nailed on.

Setting the overhang outrigger on the gable end of the roof. Later, the roof will be strapped, sheathed, and shingled, and finish soffit and fascia trim will be applied to the outrigger.

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