Hanging Heavy Doors, Images 9-16

A foot-operated lever makes one-man door handling easier.

With the lever inserted about mid-door, light pressure floats the door onto the hinges.

Three-inch-long finishing screws anchor the jamb to the framing.

The author installs them on both sides of the door stop at all hinge locations.

Discrepancies in the reveal between door and jamb are addressed with additional shims, followed by jamb screws.

Once the hinge jamb is permanently installed, the top of the latch jamb is shimmed and pinned to the framing with a finish nail.

A shim behind the latch location provides stiffness for drilling and mortising the strike plate.

The author adjusts the latch jamb to the door, making sure that it makes contact with the stop along its entire length. Here, a shim behind the temporary retaining clip holds the jamb in position until the final screws are installed.

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