High-Tech Frames

Blanks made from laminated layers of finger-jointed wood await processing.

Layers of cork replace the wood in the blank to add a thermal break to the wood frame.

Each blank is sent into a machine that creates the profile of the frame as well as the corner glue joints.

A computer-driven machine locates and cuts the hardware mortises. Pilot holes are also drilled for certain hardware.

After the frames are assembed, each one is sanded by hand to remove slight imperfections.

Frames hang on a rack to dry after receiving coats of sealant.

Joints receive a special sealant to protect the joint and the finish against slight movement.

The final finish is applied in a room with precisely controlled humidity to ensure a perfect finish.

If two pieces eventually go together, they are finished in tandem to ensure a perfect match.

After all surfaces of the frame are finished, hardware is applied by a single person.

Weather stripping is installed after the hardware.

Aluminum cladding comes to the factory in a package for the frames in each project. Attaching it is the final step in the window assembly process.

Windows and doors are packaged and ready to be shipped to the jobsite.

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