Homemade Miter Saw Stands

JLC executive editor and veteran carpenter Clayton DeKorne simply clamps or bolts his miter saw to a slab of plywood and sets it on sawhorses or another stable surface. The outboard work supports consist of plywood L-brackets that are ripped to the same height as the saw table.

Risinger Homes, in Austin, Texas, uses this basic 7 ½-foot stand for most of its finish carpentry. Made of ¾-inch plywood, the lightweight stand is easy to carry and fits in a pickup bed.

Expert finish carpenter, Gary Katz, loves his Festool Kapex miter saw, but he doesn't like the Kapex UG stand because the wings are too narrow for the work he does. Instead, he mounts his saw on a four-legged stand and quickly attaches a 1-foot by 5-foot wing to each side of the saw using the Kapex-Sawhelper connecting brackets that sell for $88 per pair at multiblades.com.

The Paulk Miter Stand was designed by Ron Paulk, a home builder and finish carpenter in Anacortes, Wash. Made of ½-inch and ¾-inch AC plywood, it features a roomy 18-inch by 78-inch top with a place for the saw to mount in the middle. Each side is a box with multiple openings for convenient tool storage, and you can attach an ingenious homemade flip stop to the fence.

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