House Move: Saving a Luxury Home From Beach Erosion

Much of the 14-acre site was excavated to create staging areas and working room around four structures.

The main house was lifted onto dollies using hundreds of 20-ton bottle jacks while shoring up the slab and footing with thousands of 6x6 oak cribbing timbers. Once free of the ground, the structure was slowly rolled northward on a temporary roadway hardened with 8x12-foot plates of 1/2-inch steel.

At its new site, the main house was positioned over a reinforced slab. Block walls were built up around the steel lifting beams. The gap between the new block sub-basement and the original footing was filled with non-shrinking grout.

To reduce lateral soil pressure on the block sub-basement, 4x4x8-foot blocks of EPS were fitted around the perimeter before being fixed in position by backfilled soil.

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