Hydronic Heating

A thermostatic radiator valve provides room-by-room zoning for panel radiators arranged in a home-run layout. A wax-filled sensor in the valve contracts and expands in response to temperature fluctuations in the room, modulating the flow of warm water through the radiator and maintaining the desired room temperature.

Jaga North America's panel radiator is enhanced with low-voltage micro-fans and can operate at water temperatures as low as 95°F.

The SME Multi-Energy Tank from Triangle Tube is an example of a "thermal accumulator." It allows for input from a variety of heating sources and provides storage and buffering, helping to prevent short-cycling in installations with highly zoned distribution.

HTP's self-buffering gas-fired water heater and storage tank can provide both domestic hot water and space heating, making it a good choice for low-load homes. It can also be ordered with an internal coil that accepts input from solar collectors.

The newest generation of "smart" hydronic circulators uses ECM motors and microprocessor controls to regulate pressure in the system, greatly reducing electrical power requirements. The model shown is from Grundfos; similar circulators are available from Wilo, Bell & Gossett, and Taco.

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