In The Path of the Storm-Fayetteville

Damage to this home most likely started with the failure of the garage doors. Subsequent pressurization of the garage blew out the sidewall and pushed out the back wall.

A close look showed inadequate nailing of the drywall ceiling and the bonus-room floor sheathing to the bottom chord of the gable-end truss.

Gable-end truss seen from behind. The gable triangle was intact, with the OSB sheathing still in place — it's the connections that failed.

The same home, seen from the rear, also lost sheathing at the step-down trusses of the hip roof, a type of failure I observed several times. Top-chord nailing surfaces on step-down trusses do not neatly align with the roof sheathing, which makes it more difficult to attach the sheathing adequately.

A nearby home also lost gable-end attic trusses in two places. The garage doors (barely visible at the left end of the house) were breached, allowing the gable wall and roof to be blown off.

Another home in the same subdivision fared much worse; most likely the garage walls were blown out due to pressurization through the large garage-door opening, seen in the foreground.

A closer look at the left-hand garage wall shows that the OSB sheathing was poorly attached to the bottom plate with 8-penny nails 16 inches on-center. Foundation anchor bolts with round washers were spaced 48 inches on-center along the sill plate.

The home's roof trusses had been attached with toenails.

The rafters on another house in the neighborhood were attached with metal connectors; note, however, that the metal ties were nailed to the inside of the top plate. They should have been installed on the outside of the wall, in alignment with the load path through the plywood sheathing.

Another collapsed home was fully sheathed with OSB, which lapped the rim board and sill plate but was fastened only to the rim board with 16-penny nails at approximately 16 inches on-center. I could see no nails through the sheathing into the sill plate.

These two homes lost much of their fiber-cement siding, but there were no breaches in the OSB sheathing.

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