Installing a Flue-Top Damper

Before feeding the control cable down the flue liner, remove the old throat damper. If the flue liner is not a straight run to the smoke shelf, tie a weight to the end of the cable to help lead it down to the firebox.

Apply a generous bead of adhesive sealant to the top edge of the liner. Note the angle brackets, which I like to use to bolt the frame to the flue liner.

Bed the damper frame and bolt it to the angle brackets.

Mount the cable-retainer bracket toward the front and just high enough so that it’s not visible from sitting positions in the room, but not so high that the chain handle is hard to reach.

Locate the bracket holes squarely over a firebrick, not on a mortar joint. Mark and drill holes for the expansion fasteners or concrete screws, which are usually supplied in the kit.

Mount the bracket. Next, adjust the chain handle on the cable so the damper stays closed when the chain locks into the retainer bracket slot.

After you feed the damper control cable through the retainer bracket and position the stop fitting, pull on the cable with pliers until the top-sealing damper closes. Tighten the set screw on the stop fitting to lock it on the cable.

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