Installing a Green Roof, Images 1-6

Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof.

The base layer of Green Living Technology's modular roof panels — a dimpled HDPE membrane — acts as a water reservoir, but has perforations so that excess water can drain out. The root-stabilization layer consists of a nonwoven polypropylene matrix that allows water to flow freely through it, with a gel-like backing that can absorb moisture. The third layer, the planting medium, is a lightweight blend of local gravels and soils with perlite.

When shipped, the vegetated panels weigh about 100 pounds apiece and are stacked about 12 to a pallet.

GLT roof panels are available for virtually any roof pitch. On this green roof, L-shaped aluminum brackets taped to the waterproofing layer finish the panel edges and help prevent wind uplift.

The existing rooftop deck (top) didn't need any structural reinforcement, but an additional EPDM waterproofing membrane was installed over the existing one (bottom).

Self-adhering EPDM tape was used at the seams and to seal the membrane to the sidewalls and deck posts.

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