Installing French Doors, Images 1-8

Fix the leaks before they start with careful framing and the proper sill pan, flashing, and sealant.

French doors have a reputation as being leak-prone, but most problems stem from improper installation. Here, a spray-rack test shows water leaking between the sill and the subfloor.

Both one-piece metal door pans and multipiece plastic door pans should be fully bedded in a high-quality polyurethane sealant, not silicone caulk.

A multipiece plastic door pan

Membrane pans should always be used with compatible flexible corners and sealants from the same manufacturer; many plasticized sealants are incompatible with peel-and-stick flashings.

A pair of compatible flexible corner flashings set in beads of sealant are used in conjunction with 12-inch-wide peel-and-stick flashing.

Together the two to form a membrane pan.

Strips of 9-inch-wide side flashing complete the assembly.

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