Installing French Doors, Images 9-13

In the drainage method, the sealant is applied in elongated triangles, with a 2- to 3-inch gap in the center to allow water to escape.

In the barrier method, polyurethane sealant is applied in two continuous 5/8-inch-diameter beads all the way across the door pan and 6 inches up both trimmers, one toward the front of the rough opening and one toward the rear.

An L-shaped metal dam embedded in sealant and fastened to the floor after the door is installed directs water toward the drainage gap.

Nailing fins get a continuous bead of sealant before installation.

The upper corners are protected by a pair of flexible corner flashings bedded in the sealant. These flashings also help build out the top of the door to match the base, keeping the unit plumb after installation.

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