Installing the Cupola

Angling the base

The author built the cupola base out of two layers of 3/4-inch exterior plywood. Two long strips of thin plywood act as a giant bevel square to transfer the angle of the roof to the base.

Paneled look

To give the base a paneled look, the author attaches 1x stock around the perimeter of each side.

Roof blocks

After setting the base at its location on the roof, author beds attachment blocks in silicone and screws them into the roof.

Base attachment

Screws driven from the inside the base secure it to the blocks.

Seal the slant

A bead of silicone seals the slanted edges of the base to the roof, but the lower horizontal edges of the base were left clear to allow moisture to drain away.

Louvers go on

After receiving three coats of exterior paint, the louvered section screws to the base at each corner.

Roof is next

The swooped roof section tops off the assembly. Note, before the roof was permanently attached, insect screening was stapled to the inside of the louvered section.

Screwing the roof

Long screws extend from the frame up into the rafters to secure the roof in place.

Weathervane on top

A weathervane tops off the cupola, with its base acting as a weather seal for the peak of the cupola roof.

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