Layout for Roof Overhang (Eave)

With gable overhangs already framed out on the lower shed-roof portion of the addition, Maine Passive House contractor Jesper Kruse and carpenter Todd place Pro Clima Mento Plus fabric at the roof eave.

Jesper Kruse staples fabric to the I-joist rafter at the seam. The Mento Plus fabric is not the main drainage plane for this roof assembly (which will be capped with OSB and shingles over an air space). Even so, Kruse installs the fabric air-tight and water-tight.

Taping the fabric seams with Pro Clima Tescon VANA tape.

Taping the fabric seams at the other end of the shed roof.

Kruse measures the rafter tail and ponders the layout for the fascia and soffit framing at the roof eave.

Measuring the distance from the rafter tail to the face of the I-joist wall buildout framing.

Leveling back to the wall framing face from the top edge of the rafter overhang.

Checking the relationship between the lower edge of the overhang framing and the wall face.

Transferring the rafter tail elevation to the wall to find the layout point for a soffit ledger.

Snapping a line for the soffit ledger.

Checking the soffit ledger layout line for level.

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