Lineup of Linear Shower Drains

A linear drain topped with tile in place of a conventional metal grate is practically invisible.

Schluter offers three grate options—a perforated stainless-steel strainer, a solid stainless steel cover, and a tile-top strainer.

Manufactured by Laticrete International, the Hydro Ban linear drain body connects to the membrane section using Hydro Ban Waterproofing/Anti-Fracture Fabric that bridges between the setting bed and drain body.

The Hydro Ban Linear Drain system is rather simple in that it comprises a drain body and a strainer.

The Hydro Ban linear drain body is simply positioned in the mortar bed, which must be sloped 1/4 inch per foot toward the drain.

The Mapei ShowerPerfect Linear Drain system is used for renovations in which a bathtub is being replaced by a shower stall. The drain outlet can be connected to the waste line with either a standard glue-in connector or a hubless connection.

The ShowerPerfect system is designed to be installed directly over plywood subflooring or a concrete slab using only components in the kit.

On a curbless shower, the simplest configuration is to locate the drain at the transition to the bathroom floor.

It is also possible in a curbless shower to position a linear drain against the wall opposite the opening of the shower.

With proper methods and accessories, two or more linear drains can be joined to create a long continuous drain or an L-shaped one.

The Noble Co.’s FreeStyle linear drain kit includes the drain body, membrane flashing, a cartridge of sealant that’s compatible with the flashing, a drain grate, and hardware.

The FreeStyle drain’s clamping ring secures the drain to the membrane flashing (included in the installation kit), which is then joined to the main membrane with the kit’s sealant. The clamping ring can also secure the drain directly to a continuous membrane that covers the entire floor of the shower.

The ProLine linear drain system by QuickDrain USA consists of a variety of drain bodies, connectors, strainers, and other components that allow the system to be used with both wood subflooring and concrete slabs.

QuickDrain USA's flat panels and sloping panels are made out of an innovative honeycomb material and bond to plywood or concrete subflooring (and to each other) with thinset mortar, which also fills the individual honeycomb cells for increased compressive strength.

Manufactured by Schluter, the Kerdi-Line system’s drain body (called the channel body) is sold separately from the grate assembly. Drains are available in lengths from 20 inches to 72 inches with either center or off-center drain outlets that connect to the waste line by a hubless connector.

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