Metabo LF724 Paint Remover

Metabo's LF 724 has four four-sided carbide blades: two on the bottom of the head (left) and two on the sides (right). The side blades are staggered high and low on the head and are normally hidden behind spring-loaded plastic doors.

To change the depth-of-cut, the author raises or lowers the head by locking the spindle and using a spanner wrench to turn a screw in the bottom of the tool.

It took multiple passes with the LF 724 to remove the thick paint buildup on this siding (left). The freshly planed surface is smooth but will require some sanding to remove the swirl marks left by the cutters (right).

A vacuum can be attached to the tool to collect fine dust, but many of the larger chips will escape and fall to the ground, where they can — and should — be collected on a drop cloth.

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