Nailing Issues

Many fiber-cement siding jobs that look fine from a distance actually have serious installation defects.

An attempt to repair poorly attached fiber-cement siding by face-nailing it still didn't conform to manufacturer specifications.

Not only were the face nails too close to the edge, but they were also overdriven.

Butt joints should land over studs, but these were offset 24 inches over 16-inch on-center framing, so many of the ends were inadequately supported.

A single nail placed in a butt joint is not enough to secure the siding.

Pinning down butt ends does not provide enough holding power to secure fiber-cement siding.

For this siding product, blind nails must be at least 1 inch from the top edge. This one was not even close.

Many of the blind nails, like the ones in the photo, were overdriven.

When a fastener is placed too close to an edge, the material tends to break around the fastener.

Inadequate fastening allowed the siding to vibrate when the wind blew, no doubt contributing to the early demise of many of the fasteners.

The nailing pattern was random, clearly not lined up with the studs.

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