New Infrared Options for Remodelers

The foam in this wall appears to have been installed pretty well.

The wall in the previous photo is shown here on the infrared camera. A flaw in the narrow corner stud bay is clearly visible as a cold (dark) spot.

We knew some of this ceiling was wet from a bath leak above. But where exactly were the wet areas?

With the infrared camera, we could see the wet areas as cold spots (darker colors), showing the extent of the leak.

The Flir i7 autoranging has proven effective in use. The range can be manually locked.

The TG165 lacks a lock feature and the automatic ranging sometimes doesn’t show enough contrast.

The author at work with the Flir C2 , which is only about as big as a smartphone.

With the addition of “MSX,” this image from the C2 of wet carpeting in a workout room is more useful and is suitable for reports and emails.

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