Noncondensing Boiler, Images 1-7

A non-condensing boil installation

The Buderus G125BE noncondensing boiler can be vented either horizontally or vertically but needs a maximum 5-inch-diameter chimney liner when vented into an oversized masonry chimney flue.

At the top, the liner's cap is set in sealant and screwed in place with masonry screws.

At the base, the author packs the cavity between the new liner and old flue with mineral wool insulation and seals the opening with refractory cement.

A perforated ceramic tube inside the cast-iron combustion chamber allows gases to recirculate past the burner before exiting the flue, resulting in more complete combustion — and bumping up the boiler's efficiency rating.

The boiler is controlled by a Logamatic 2107 microprocessor connected to an outdoor air temperature sensor, which modulates the boiler's firing temperature based on demand and weather conditions.

To provide warm, clean fuel for the burner, the boiler is equipped with a fuel line preheater and a 10-micron filter and deaerator, which removes air and gas bubbles in the fuel oil that can interfere with combustion.

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