On a Vacation Island, Winter is the Construction Season


November: with the owners gone for the winter, Thompson and Johnson's crew could demolish the existing porch and get ready to build a new porch and room addition.

New Piers

New piers sunk below the frost line will support a new porch facing the Casco Bay.

In Motion

Existing foundation piers were subject to frost heave in winter.

Wet Feet

The building is sited on deep clay next to salt water, making for a wet site.


The crew expected to be able to pin the foundation to ledge, but ended up needing spread footings for the entire length of the wall.


Wooden formwork ready for concrete.


Wooden formwork ready for concrete.

Fresh Concrete

Wall braced and poured in December. At rear, the bay.

Under the House

Existing concrete piers under the house will have to be removed and replaced with deeper piers on spread footing pads.

Like Pulling Teeth

Existing piers were subject to frost heave, but that didn't mean they were easy to pull out. Here, the crew has jackhammered a pier to make it easier to remove.

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