On the Job: Clay Earth Plaster

The job called for a base coat of Loma plaster and a top coat of Porcelina plaster, both of which come in 50-pound sacks.

We added 70-grit sand to Kilz 2 Latex stain-blocking primer and applied a coat to the entire substrate so it would grip the plaster.

At the end of the day, we used a paddle and two 5-gallon buckets to mix the base coat for the walls and the ceiling.

We applied the uncolored base coat to the ceiling and the colored base coat to the walls — both to about the thickness of a credit card — using 240-millimeter flexible stainless-steel rectangular trowels.

I buy these Japanese tools from American Clay for $36 apiece, and they're awesome; they have the perfect shape and flexibility for applying both the base and top coats.

We applied the Porcelina top coat to the ceiling the next day.

The same coat was applied and to the walls two days later, again to credit-card thickness.

Before pulling the 6-mil poly, we buffed the entire plaster surface with dry grouting sponges.

The job took three of us four and a half days to complete.

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