On the Job - Weaving, Images 1-6

I use a Bosch digital miter gauge to find the angle of intersection, or dihedral, of the two roof planes.

I transfer the sheathing cut angle to the shingle with a Swanson's Wizard angle gauge.

I prep the job by erecting a comfortable work platform at eaves level, atop pipe scaffolding, and then — to minimize ladder trips — set up the tools I need.

I have a bench table saw for resizing shingles and cutting finishing courses, and a small worktable where I cut the compound angles.

To protect against ice dams, I install self-adhering membrane along the eaves, over the drip edge, to a point 2 feet inside the exterior wall, followed by a 36-inch-wide strip up the center.

I then cover the roof with a synthetic roofing underlayment.

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