Polishing a Concrete Slab

A couple of hours of work yielded a hard, smooth, brick-red finish with multicolored exposed aggregate that you could see your reflection in.

The author cut 1 1/4-inch-deep grooves in the slab to accept radiant piping, and then grouted them flush with the floor.

An Edco Contrx Model 2DP dual-disc polisher made the work go a lot faster.

The Edco TMC-7 Turbo Edge Grinder took larger pads than the polisher.

The Edco Vortex VAC-200 vacuum was especially helpful in the earlier, dustier phases.

The honing process began with 50-grit pads.

The final polishing step uses four progressively finer grits, and then a buffing pad.

The polishing machine accepted diamond grinding "dots" for the initial grinding phase.

Special pads of progressively finer grit are used in the second, honing phase.

The final polishing discs look like they have colored jelly beans glued to them.

The end result was a sheen similar to that of polished granite.

The grout lines blended in pretty well.

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