Pre-Assembling Exterior Trim

Set the repetitive stop on the miter-saw stand and cut all components of the same length at the same time. Label the pieces as they come off the saw.

After coating the cut edges with primer, run a bead of sealant along the long edge of the ripped piece.

Clamp the two sides together and predrill for 8d stainless box nails.

Drive the nails by hand, because dense engineered material can cause gun-driven nails to drift.

Place screws at a 15-degree angle using a Kreg jig and a specialized stepped drill bit with a stop collar.

Seal cut ends with quick-drying primer.

Also seal screw holes.

Place the pieces for each frame face down on an assembly table and put a bead of sealant in the joints.

A cordless drill with clutch settings is the best tool for driving the screws.

To make outside corners the same dimension on both sides, set the blade at a slight angle (2 or 3 degrees) to create a tighter-fitting joint.

Rip down, by the thickness of the material, the corner board that will be less visible.

When the corner is assembled and installed, it will read the same measurement on both sides of the building.

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