Preparation, Steel, and Brick Work

Workers unloaded the two large glazed door panels one at a time onto dollies.

After the heavy door panels were carried up the front entry stairs, they were wheeled on dollies through the house and out the back door.

Temporary poly barriers contained the dust created by the partial demolition of the rear wall of the kitchen.

Removing the drywall revealed that previous remodelers had bricked over a window on the outside wall and left the double-hung in place on the inside.

The inner and middle wythes of brick were removed from above the rear window.

The first, longer steel channel was blocked up on the brick to the left of the kitchen window and the top flange was shimmed along its length.

A Lally column was temporarily set in front of the window to support the steel.

On the outside of the house, bricks were removed first from above the kitchen window, and blocking was added down to the granite lintel to provide temporary support.

The outer steel channel, which was shorter than the inner channel, was cantilevered above the bricked-over window and supported by the Lally column set under the inner channel.

On the right side of the opening, the beam was blocked down to the existing brick.

The course immediately above the steel, which turned out to be a header course, was the first to be rebricked.

Each section was supported with scrap 2-by blocking while the others were pieced in.

The kitchen window and surrounding brick were removed, leaving the outer wythe intact.

After the old door was removed, the temporary Lally column was set inside the new opening.

The rebricked jamb preserved the American bond and header courses.

At the door sill, stiff pea-gravel concrete mix was placed in a shallow form over the brick and reinforced with steel mesh.

The final bit of brickwork was to install the soldier course at the lintel, resting the bricks on a shelf welded to the bottoms of the two steel channels.

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